No More Excuses to Buy Bottled Water in NYC, TapIt Water Signs Up 100th Partner


Most people know about the myriad negative environmental impacts of bottled water but still buy it because it’s easier than finding tap water on the street. Now that TapIt Water has signed up its 100th partner, New York City residents can scratch that excuse off their lists. 

Restaurants and cafes sign up with the TapIt Water site to signify that they offer free tapwater. Users can log onto the site or use its features via an iPhone application to see where they can fill up their Nalgenes without dirty looks from restaurant managers. TapIt, launched in 2008, estimates that people who use its services instead of buying bottled water on a daily basis can save up to $500 per year. Restaurants that join the service also get the benefit of potential customers who might not otherwise have given them a second thought.

Up until this point, the TapIt Water network was too small to be useful for many New Yorkers. But now that the 100th partner tipping point has been reached with Neighburrito in the Lower East Side, there’s no stopping its growth.

Tap water-friendly restaurants can also be found on NYC’s Take Back the Tap Web site.

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