Bizarre Samsung Micro-HD Cam Available May 15

Amazon reveals that Samsung’s much-anticipated micro-HD camera, the HMX-R10, will be available on May 15 for $500. Samsung boasts that it’s the smallest HD cam in the world–but what’s truly noteworthy is the angle of the camera’s lens.


By placing the lens at an upward angle, Samsung has allowed users to hold the camera at a more natural angle than we’re all accustomed to–roughly the same angle as you’d position your hand at the top of a hammer swing.

The device will capture 1920×1080 full HD video to SDHC and MMC cards, and feature 5x zoom and capture 9MP still shots. All that high-definition beauty will be observable via the camera’s 2.7-inch LCD screen, which incorporates touch-panel buttons. Another neat feature: time-lapse recording for capturing long, slow events.


As listed by Amazon, it comes in two colors: silver and black.

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