The Polls Are Open: Choose Which Site Will Receive American Express Funding

In January, I wrote here about American Express’s unique approach to address the funders’ dilemma of having too few dollars to divide up among a plethora of good causes: invite the public to participate in the grant-making process. 


Today is the day. People from across the country are invited to vote online once a day from now until May 17 at Partners in Preservation to help American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation choose which out of a highly diverse group of 25 Boston historic sites will receive restoration grants totaling $1 million. You can also post your personal stories, and share photos.


The winner of the popular vote is guaranteed funding.  Additional grants will be awarded on June 16 to a number of the other sites after review by an Advisory Committee comprised of Greater Boston civic and preservation leaders, AmEx and the National Trust.


Research shows that the rehabilitation of historic buildings generates as much if not more employment than new construction.  Preservation also infuses money into the economy by purchasing materials needed to complete projects.  And historic preservation promotes travel, tourism, and local pride, while protecting a community’s heritage.


Vote early and often!AK