Deloitte’s Swanky Headquarters are Optimized for Itinerant Workers


Management consultants are, by nature, a pretty staid lot–to project authority, whether its McKinsey or Bain, they usually err on the side of cautious, albeit luxurious design. Not so with Deloitte Consulting, which recently hired MacKay and Partners to redesign its London headquarters. The result looks a bit like the newest branch of the W, and that was the intent.

All of the firm’s consultants travel heavily–standard practice in consulting–and so the office had to support an itinerant work force that might not always be in the office, or might only be passing through, on assignment. MacKay responded with an online system that lets consultants book workspace over the Internet, and a series of spaces designed for many different functions.

Each floor revolves around a hub of casual seating and more secluded meeting spaces.



There’s also a strip of open workspace for anyone that hasn’t booked ahead.


Just like a hotel, the reception desk is home to a concierge who’ll make travel arrangements and recommendations:



Herman Miller’s Abak System meanwhile blends privacy with openness, to encourage office interactions.


[Via Arch Daily]CK