The Single Building Smart Grid: Wireless Sensors for Corporate Energy Management


Wireless-sensor start-up Arch Rock is bringing energy management to commercial buildings with Energy Optimizer, a system comprised of sensors, a wireless protocol-based network, and a Web-based Energy Visibility Portal. We’ve written about using wirelessly-controlled smart meters for energy management before, but Arch Rock’s product bests competitors by allowing building managers to monitor power consumption without laying down any new wires. 

The different sensors in Arch Rock’s system monitor water, electricity, light, air temperature and humidity levels. By placing sensors throughout a building, company managers can track detailed information about which room are using the most energy at different times of day.

At $800 for three sensors, and $10,000 for back-end equipment, the Energy Optimizer isn’t for cash-strapped small businesses. But according to Arch Rock CEO Roland Acra, the system’s energy information could save larger corporations 10% to 20% on electricity bills.

The Energy Optimizer’s wireless installation could come with a hidden cost: security vulnerability. Just as a wirelessly-controlled smart grid is prone to outside attack, so is a wirelessly-controlled energy management system. That may not seem like a big deal, but a hacker could potentially bring the system down, costing a corporation thousands of dollars. It’s a minimal risk, but one that customers should be aware of.

Arch Rock’s Energy Optimizer goes on sale May 1.

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