• 04.13.09

The Single Building Smart Grid: Wireless Sensors for Corporate Energy Management


The different sensors in Arch Rock’s system monitor water, electricity, light, air temperature and humidity levels. By placing sensors throughout a building, company managers can track detailed information about which room are using the most energy at different times of day.

At $800 for three sensors, and $10,000 for back-end equipment, the Energy Optimizer isn’t for cash-strapped small businesses. But according to Arch Rock CEO Roland Acra, the system’s energy information could save larger corporations 10% to 20% on electricity bills.

The Energy Optimizer’s wireless installation could come with a hidden cost: security vulnerability. Just as a wirelessly-controlled smart grid is prone to outside attack, so is a wirelessly-controlled energy management system. That may not seem like a big deal, but a hacker could potentially bring the system down, costing a corporation thousands of dollars. It’s a minimal risk, but one that customers should be aware of.

Arch Rock’s Energy Optimizer goes on sale May 1.

[Via Arch Rock]AS