Palm Pre Coming May 17, with Several Touchstone Devices?

Palm’s answer to the iPhone and Android, known as the Pre, may go on sale as early as May 17th, if the company can get enough stock into its retailers. If not, the device’s launch may be delayed to June 29, according to PhoneNews.

The Pre will come with a distinctive docking station dubbed Touchstone; simply place your Pre on the device, where it attaches magnetically, and the Pre begins charging. It appears Palm may also be planning a whole line of Touchstone devices.

The Touchstone charging dock works via “inductive coupling” technology: metal contacts on the back of the Pre serve as conduits for electricity brought up to the face of the dock. At a demonstration at CTIA this week, a Palm product manager mentioned that the Touchstone technology won’t just be limited to a charging dock, but will apply (in concept and moniker) to other accessories Palm plans to release.

The obvious next step for Touchstone: an inductive syncing dock, or accessories like portable speakers that can transfer data and music over their surface areas. Another option: car dashboards that allow you to place your Pre on a magnetic patch to allow charging and access to the Pre’s music library. Check out the video clip below for the actual quote, and see’s other coverage of the Pre for more dirt on the device itself.


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