Sony Patents Remote Controlled Spy Car

Nintendo may have active gameplay locked up, but Sony appears to be pursuing something much more realistic: a PSP-controlled model car equipped with a camera and some extensive virtual reality software.


No, it’s not just for holding rally races in your living room; the idea is that the PlayStation Portable, Sony’s handheld video gaming device, will process the objects your racer sees as elements of gameplay, incorporating your physical world into the field of play. Sony’s calling the personal racetrack an “augmented reality zone,” in which the PSP can replace the everyday objects the car sees–say, your dog or your refrigerator–with graphical placeholders like mountains or monsters. Drive outsize the ARZ, and your car freezes; no shortcuts through the kitchen allowed.


The PSP-controlled car will also have software for recording images and video, which a user will be able to load into a Web site and share with friends, as well as a device for producing sound effects.

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