Can You Just Add a “Stay in Touch” Function to your CRM and Make it Social?

If you think about the fact that many of us need reminding to stay in touch even with family and friends, it could be an interesting proposition – add the button or function to the system and you’re ready to go.


However, there might be a bit more to it than meets the eye. New media is not just channels, or the ability to (potentially) reach anyone in the world within seconds, although if you’re connected, it does.

New media marketing is a new way of thinking about business. Marketers now need to be in content creation, not just campaigns. Leads are now conversations, which instead of converting into accounts, opportunities, and contact, lead to making friends, creating partnerships, and facilitating collaboration.

The ultimate outcome of these activities then is not a mere forecast, as in the old models, it’s meaningful relationships. This is especially important, but not exclusively of course, for Gen Y. It’s their hot button.

The authority in Social CRM within my network is Brent Leary. He’s been writing about and working with CRM for a number of years – since 2003, in fact.

The focus should shift from technology to people. We should have gotten over the phase when we were enamored of the systems, and gotten into being of service to customers a long time ago.

This is traditional CRM (components):

  • marketing automation,
  • sales automation, and
  • customer service.

This is CRM going social:

  • marketing content creation,
  • sales collaboration, and
  • customer conversation.

What do you think? Have I persuaded you?

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent