The Year’s Best-Designed Medical Devices

Lyric hearing aid

Medical devices present myriad design, ergonomic and functionality problems. The best of them put design cleverness on full display–and the best were just announced, in the 2009 Medical Design Excellence Awards.


Some highlights:

The landmark, a nearly invisible Lyric hearing aid (left)–the first aid that can be worn 24/7.

A thermal suit that puts heart attack victims “on ice” immediately, slowing their organs down and increasing their recovery prospects.

A keyboard that fights bacterial contamination by monitoring its own cleaning status, while being easy to clean

Knee resurfacing implants that provide an early chance to improve the joint, before a full-on knee replacement is necessary

Goggles that help mark patients getting CT scans from left to right, thus eliminating the all too common error of surgeries performed on the wrong side of the body.

Check out the full list of winners here. They’ll be on display this June at the Medical Design & Manufacturing show in New York.

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[Via Core 77]