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Futuristic Installations for Chicago's Millennium Park Unveiled

Chicago's Millennium Park isn't hurting for art installations, with a Frank Gehry-designed bandshell, a brilliant mirrored sculpture by Anish Kapoor, and elegant grounds landscaped by Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. But on June 19, the park will add a couple more feathers to its cap: Two pavilions, one by Zaha Hadid and another by Ben van Berkel of UNstudio.(Pictured below.)

The designs were just unveiled, as part of a series of events celebrating the centennial of the Burnham Plan—the urban design that shaped modern Chicago. Hadid's design (below) has a signature techno-organic shape, covered in a silvery tent fabric. The van Berkel design (above), which looks a bit similar to Hadid's Aqua Table, will be a flat canopy of plywood and steel, supported by scoop-shaped forms that offer views of the surrounding skyline.

Each one will cost $500,000—a mere rounding error compared to Kapoor's sculpture, which cost a whooping $23 million. After a bit over four months on display, Hadid's pavilion will probably be disassembled and shown elsewhere; van Berkel's will be recycled. You can check out other events in the Burnham series here.

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[Via Chicago Tribune and Bustler]