Spring Greening DIY: Drops Upholstery Chair is an Inner Tube


There are a number of innovative entries in Inhabitat’s Spring Greening DIY Contest, but my favorite is Camilla Hounsell’s Drops Chair. The chair, recently exhibited at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair, consists of four stainless steel legs attached to an inner tube covered in recycled upholstery. Since the inner tube isn’t attached to the frame, the chair can be tilted in any direction–or removed from the frame altogether for use as a pouffe.

According to Hounsell, the design was inspired by the tassel-making process as well as the desire to infuse childish delight and colorfulness into everyday life. Whatever the inspiration, the Drops Chair could be a great green replacement for typical dish chairs.

The Drops Chair is currently ranked fourth out of 15 entries. Richard Jennions’ Book Book Shelf (below) is in first place, but voting is open until Friday at midnight. Click here to cast your vote.

[Via Inhabitat]