The Zero S All-Electric Street Motorcycle Goes to Market


The hotly anticipated Zero S electric urban street motorcycle is now available for pre-order, and begins shipping in the next month. Zero Motorcycles’ $9.950 (before tax breaks) vehicle features a range of 60 miles, a top speed of 60 mph, 31 peak horsepower and 62.5 pound-feet of torque. With a charging time of only four hours, impatient riders won’t have to wait long between trips.


Zero Motorcycles’ latest offering boasts a number of
environmentally-friendly attributes, including a non-toxic lithium ion
battery, landfill-ready power pack, and mostly-recyclable body.

The highway-ready Zero S claims to be the quickest production electric motorcycle in its class thanks to a proprietary power pack and aircraft-grade alloy frame. The title of “world’s fastest production electric sport bike” goes to the 2010 Mission One, but its hefty $68,000 price tag will be a barrier for many potential buyers.  

Truly thrifty two-wheeled vehicle aficionados might want to hold out for Vectrix’s $5,195, 30 mph VX-2 electric scooter, available in June. Still, it’s hard not to covet the Zero S after seeing its smooth performance in the video below.

[Zero Motorcycles via Autobloggreen]

Zero X Electric Motorcycle Test Drive

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