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Pentagram Gooses the Grey Goose Brand [UPDATED]

Grey GoosePentragram—the powerhouse graphic design firm, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies all the way down to chic restaurants—has redesigned Grey Goose vodka's packaging. The redesign, led by John Rushworth and Daniel Weil, has given the premium vodka a more refined image.

According to the firm:

...the brand had to acquire other dimensions to accent its appeal to the U.S. high-end market. In essence, it had to express the international luxury aesthetic more succinctly and more broadly. To achieve this, a number of initiatives were proposed that would drive perceptions towards a cooler, more chic prospect.

The three new special packs gave the opportunity to rebalance the Grey Goose brand language. For these, the bottle’s Grey Goose silhouette was reduced in size and used to head the Grey Goose logotype set in a French-blue square. This combination complements and amplifies the distinctiveness of the bottle, while adding a level of old-world sophistication.

In support of this new approach came the opportunity to develop a promotional design language utilizing brand associations—such as feathers, water, and eggs. A more restrained color palette was introduced, including policy on Grey Goose taking ownership of the color grey and using it to tie in different elements of the new branding approach. The color grey draws directly on the brand name and echoes the frosted finish of the bottles. It also evokes purity and simplicity, considered a virtue in vodkas. The bottle’s ‘tricouleur’ graphic was retained for the pack designs, emphasizing Grey Goose’s French origin."

So one-part old world, one part new, with a dash of color—but not too much—to smooth things out visually for the would-be highroller set. (Though it's a shame they didn't rethink the bottle a bit more):

Grey Goose

Grey Goose

Grey Goose

Grey Goose

[Via The Dieline]

UPDATE: Above, I bemoaned that Pentagram didn't do much with the actual Grey Goose bottle. So if you're wondering what can you possibly do to reinvent a liquor bottle, here's your answer: A series of beautiful vodka-bottle designs by Arnell for the 1000 Acres brand:




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