• 04.03.09

The Right to Exist

A colleague recently forwarded to me an article written by Dr. Jac Fitz-enz on the rebranding of human resources.  I’m a fan of Dr. Jac and recommend his book, "How to Measure Human Resource Management

While I enjoyed reading the white paper, I thought the last thing
Dr. Jac said should have been the first thing he pointed out to make
his case.  It reads:


The HR function has no inherent right to exist. It
serves at the pleasure of its customers.  Managers and employees are
not fools.  Rebranding must go beyond the 1970s relabeling of personnel
as human resources.  The change must be substantive and aligned to the
interconnected revolution taking place amongst employees, customers,
regulators and competitors.”

Wow.  Very powerful.  I couldn’t think of another department that
doesn’t have the inherent right to exist.   Marketing  and sales –
can’t survive without ’em.  Technology – yeah you can outsource but it
still exists in a different form.  Accounting – gotta have it.

If human resources has no inherent right to exist, does this mean
that HR Pros could become extinct in our lifetime?  Maybe we’re on the
endangered species list right now.

Our current economic crisis is making one thing perfectly clear…human resources must demonstrate value.

They need to walk the talk, be a business partner, get a seat at the
table…whatever cliché you want to use.  If you’re talking about it,
just stop and start doing it.  I’ve written before about the things we
need to do – check them out here, here, here, here and here.

Do I expect HR to go the way of the 8-track, typewriter, and
Mastodon?  I certainly hope not.  But the only way we’ll continue to
exist as a profession is to learn more and invest in own development. 
We need to change with our businesses and our workforce.  If we don’t
want to be left behind, we need to make it a priority to move forward.