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Boost Mobile Wants You to Shred Your Old Contract--Literally

Boost Mobile hasn't been hugely successful in the advertising department, according to Ad Week. Just witness the mobile provider's recent horrifying attempts at humor, in an ad featuring a bunch of pigs sitting at a restaurant eating ham and a coroner who digs a breakfast burrito out of a corpse...and then eats it. But now, the company—along with the same agency responsible for its previous ads, 180LA—has turned the dial back for bus stop ads in Chicago and Boston. Two feature a hose and a screw—you can get hosed and screwed by other mobile companies, get it? But it's actually the third one that's most clever: A real live paper shredder encouraging you to destroy your current contract. Granted, destroying your contract won't release you from your obligations to that service provider, but the ad is clever nonetheless.

[Via Ad Week]