iFive: Google Buys Twitter?, IBM and Sun Get Hitched, Pink-Slip Vacations, and More in Today’s Innovation News

While you were sleeping, innovation killed on The Colbert Report. Here’s today’s innovation news:

While you were sleeping, innovation killed on The Colbert Report. Here’s today’s innovation news:


1. Google is reportedly in negotiations to buy Twitter. At last check, the earth is still on its axis. “We’re going to become a strong, profitable independent company,” Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told Stephen Colbert last night, in what I hope he understands will be his last talk-show appearance if he sells out. Not surprisingly, Colbert was right: Biz does not stand for business model. [via TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Comedy Central Insider’s Matt Tobey]

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2. More dealflow! IBM will reportedly announce its acquisition of Sun Microsystems on Monday, for approximately $7 billion in stock. “Sun has obviously been a lost child for many years, but they have some great assets,” says one analyst on the deal. Based on that creepy description, did IBM ensnare Sun in an Internet chat room? Will Dateline be there to cover the announcement on Monday? [via The New York TimesAshlee Vance and Andrew Ross Sorkin and Bloomberg News]

3. The travel industry has devised a clever new strategy to turn its slumping business around: Target the unemployed and furloughed traveler. “Everyone wins,” says Roger Dow, president and CEO of the
U.S. Travel Association, an industry-trade group. “Is it the magic bullet that will turn things around for the
industry? Maybe not, but it’s a very nice step.” Yes, everyone wins, except for the people who run into these pink-slip travelers on vacation and get bummed out, and of course, the unemployed and furloughed blowing money they don’t have on leisure trips. [via Los Angeles TimesHugo Martin

4. How can we have a meaningful debate about climate policy with so much misinformation out there? Environmental magazine Grist goes all MythBusters on us in a special series, exploding everything from the belief that new technological breakthroughs are the key to solving the climate crisis to the canard that putting a price on carbon will destroy the economy. Hey, carbon: Too late! The bankers beat you to it. [via Grist’s David Roberts]

5. Tropicana sales plunged 20% between January 1 and February 22 this year. Huh. So I guess it wasn’t just a bunch of haters on the Internet who didn’t like the orange juice’s rebranding. [via Advertising Age‘s Natalie Zmuda]