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Skimmer, Jaques Cousteau Watch, FlightTrack iPhone App Goes Pro

A beautifully designed desktop app to manage your social networking; a reissue of a diver's watch from the 1970s; and an application that tracks your flight and itinerary.

Skimmer is an Adobe Air app that's a little like a marriage between the social Web browser Flock and the Twitter collator Tweetdeck, with a beautiful minimalist design thrown in. As a desktop application, it helps you keep track of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Blogger activity all at once. Read more at Cool Hunting.

Omega Originally created in the 1970s, Omega recently reissued its famous PloProf diver's watch—a Jacques Cousteau collaboration. It was the first watch designed and built solely for the diving pro. Read more at Cool Hunting.




FlightTrack FlightTrack

It isn't exactly new, but now FlightTrack has gone Pro and syncs up with Tripit itineraries. Stay abreast of flight changes and weather conditions, look at maps of your flight route, plus more. Read more at Cool Hunting.