Worried About the Economy? Samsung says Buy a TV


The president of Samsung’s consumer electronics division has a curious recipe for getting through the recession: buy a TV.

It costs less than a beach vacation, he says, and with Samsung’s new line of LCD HDTVs that use 40% less energy than conventional sets, you can feel good about splurging on eco-friendly entertainment.

“Consumers are starting to say, ‘You know what, times are tough. We’re going to invest in family, we’re going to buy a TV,” Tim Baxter told Fast Company at Samsung’s 2009 Spring Fever Showcase on Tuesday.

Baxter added that customers–presumably those who have benefited from government bailouts–are “using this as a time to trade up” to snazzier TVs.

Some say the economic crisis is a good opportunity for Americans to quit living beyond their means. Baxter is not having it. In his view, you can have your big-screen TV and watch it too.

“46 is the new 32,” he said. “They say that about age, but it’s the same with TVs.”