25-Foot Junk Food Pyramid to Raise Awareness… and Hunger

food pyramid

Junk food tastes better than it looks–place a pile of neon orange Cheetos next to a basket of fresh strawberries to see for yourself. Now an unidentified group of people (or person) wants to show us just how unappealing junk food is with a Junk Food Pyramid, a 25-foot-high pyramid of, you guessed it, junk food debris. The installation–if it is to be considered art–will supposedly appear in New Orleans this May.

Details on the pyramid’s Web site are sparse, with only this description of the project: “Part public art, part educational, and part ‘we are fed up and mad as hell’, the junk food pyramid seeks a new conversation with our city, the nation, and a positive dialogue and understanding with the industries and government policies that have made us the sickest and fattest people on Earth. Join us.”

The site also features a quote from the founders of New Orleans’ NAKEDpizza restaurant that, slong with updates from the restaurant’s Twitter feed, lead us to believe the pizza place is behind the pyramid. If so, it’s a bold statement for a business to make, but one that could bolster a brand whose tagline is “Better taste, all natural.”

A Junk Food Pyramid Twitter feed also popped up yesterday, imploring school teachers and Brad Pitt(?) to contact the Web site for further details.

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