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I've written before in this space about the power of Twitter for those in the news industry and those wanting to get the news first. Now there is a "pitch engine" called MediaOnTwitter which makes contact with the press even easier, using Twitter as the connective tissue. This is yet another great application of technology and media or should I say technology for the media? 

Using this engine/database, one can submit a story or make contact with a writer through a Web form and find news contacts you want to follow on Twitter and easily add them to your follow list. In logical db format, the data is sortable and even can be filtered by country.

There are over 2,000 applications that now leverage the Twitter API. And at last count, Twitter ws growing at over 1,000 percent a year. This story continues to be hot. If you are a fan of using Twitter to get the news first, spend a few minutes with this database and add the reporters you want to follow to your Twitter collection.