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Crowdsourcing Generates Passive Solar Technology

Ten brains are better than one, right? Crowdsourcing will always make projects go faster. That's why The Energy Crowd, a crowd-sourced based Web site for renewable energy technologies, is moving so quickly with its first project.

The Energy Crowd Web site has collectively designed a passive solar system less than a month after announcing plans to reduce the cost of home heating by using technology that captures and stores energy from a sustainable source.

The system, designed to convert sunlight into heat during the winter, uses Pilkington's energy-efficient glazing along with Manrose domestic ventilation equipment. The passive solar system also uses a chimney to avoid over-glazing—a major problem for most passive solar systems.

Once The Energy Crowd's technology is ready to be commercialized, it will be made available via a General Public License (GPL) like the one that covers Linux use in the technology sector. 

I have my doubts that crowdsourced alternative energy projects will become a trend, simply because there aren't any monetary incentives involved. But if The Energy Crowd manages to commercialize its technology—and if it becomes popular—perhaps I'll change my tune.

[Via The Energy Crowd]