• 03.31.09

Smart Meters Race to 2012 Olympic Games

The smart grid has been getting lots of press lately, with companies like AT&T, Verizon, and


GE’s meters will be showcased in the Olympic Village, where buildings will be outfitted with the technology. Information about the buildings’ energy consumption will be
displayed to show the public how real-time smart meter information can
be used.
The company may also install the meters throughout the Olympic Park.


The smart meter showcase is only one of GE’s planned environmental initiatives at the 2012 Games. GE will also install rainwater harvesting systems as well as solar-powered lighting systems along pathways and on signs at the site. 

GE’s Olympic news comes at the same time as the company’s announcement that it plans to install over 145,000 smart meters in the Houston, Texas area by the end of the year.

London 2012 organizers have been accused of glossing over the massive carbon footprint of the games. But if sponsor companies use the opportunity to exhibit green technology, the 2012 Olympics will play an important part in raising public awareness about what we can do to further environmental goals.

[Via Reuters]

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