• 03.31.09

Design Ignites Change Says What’s Good for Your Company Can Be Good for the World

As principal of Worldstudio, designer Mark Randall has done branding and design for everyone from JP Morgan to Estée Lauder.


Some companies have been working this way for years, said Pellegrino, American Express, for example, has social responsibility entrenched in its business model since the 1980s. But as more companies are finding that this concept should be an important part of their work, many don’t know where to start; similarly, causes already in action could use a burst of resources and high-profile marketing (as well as potential funding) that come with being partnered with a national company. “This shouldn’t be
like separation of church and state,” Pellegrino said, describing the traditional relationship between corporations and social responsibility. If you’re itching to get your corporation involved, they’ve already got plenty of projects rolling that need smart companies to partner with…maybe even yours?

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