Women Role Models: Yuqing Gao, Women of Vision Winner for Innovation by Telle Whitney

One of the great parts of my job is the chance to recognize
extraordinary women leaders, many of whose contributions are not widely
know.   The Anita Borg Institute’s Women
of Vision
event recognizes three women in the areas of Innovation, Leadership
and Social Impact.    This year’s winners
are incredible!!



Our winner in Innovation is Dr. Yuqing Gao, a senior manager  at
IBM Research.   Her work has pushed the
envelope of speech to speech transition. 
Early in her career, she led a team to develop the first commercially
viable speech-recognition system for Mandarin to English.


Her recent speech to speech translation systems have
expanded the limits of what is possible in communication between people around
the world.   She led a team that
developed a system supporting English-Iraqi and English-Farsi dialogs.    This system included a vocabulary of over
50,000 English works and 100,000 Arabic words, and translated in real time
free-form speech.    As any of you who
use speech recognition on your cell phone or through a service provider know,
speech recognition is hard, and prone to errors.  Combing speech recognition with speech
translation is challenging, and Dr. Gao is at the forefront of this important


Dr. Gao’s work was cited by MIT Technology Review in
February 2004 as one of the 10 Emerging Technologies that will Change your
World.  Her work has been used by the US
Government as an aid to US troops in Iraq to help with their every day


Her impact on her field is profound, and we are honored to
recognize her as our Women of Vision winner in Innovation.


Stay tuned to future blogs as I talk about the other two