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iFive: GM on the Fritz, 'Monsters vs. Aliens,' Intel's Cool (Really!), and G20 Protests in Today's Innovation News

While you enjoyed your weekend, innovation wore her 3-D glasses while having a little work done on her arms. Here's today's news: 

1. With the auto industry on the fritz, President Obama rolls out the beginning of his auto bailout plan today by firing GM CEO Rick Wagoner. Hey, it's a start! But replacing him with a guy named Fritz? Did Charles Dickens make that hire? [via WSJ's Neil King Jr. and John D. Stoll]

2. Spoiler alert! 3-D movies are here, and they're going to be big. The animated 3-D kid-flick Monsters vs. Aliens raked in $58.2 million in box office this weekend, an estimated $32.6 million of which came on 3-D screens. Watch for the sequel, RealD vs. IMAX, as the competing 3-D technologies battle it out for theaters. RealD is the first-act winner as more than $25 million of that $32.6 million came on its screens. [via BoxOfficeMojo's Brandon Gray]

3. Intel's Austin design team feels like "the prettiest girl at the party," thanks to its work on the successful Atom chip and now its successors. "My daughter has a little Atom-based netbook," says chief architect Rajesh Patel. "She took it to her high school, and everybody thought it was cool. It is nice to build products that people think are cool." Historians are still trying to determine if this is the first time the word cool has ever been uttered about Intel. [via Austin American-Statesman's Kirk Ladendorf]

4. Attending the G20 Summit in London this week but unsure which climate change-related protests will be the coolest ones? Worry no more. This handy guide tells you everything you need to know. Look for us enjoying "tea and mayhem" at G20 Meltdown's "Financial Fools Day" on Wednesday. We'll be one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. [via Treehugger's Bonnie Alter]  

5. Chinese job seekers are getting plastic surgery to get their perfectly manicured noses in the door in a highly competitive labor market. Maybe Americans can't compete in the global economy: Are our unemployed getting arm-lengthening procedures done to give them a leg up? No wonder immigrants are taking all the good fruit-picking jobs. [via Los Angeles Times' Don Lee]