• 03.26.09

Triumph of the Design Haters: After Facebook and Tropicana, Whose Redesign Is Next to Go?

In a simpler time, design wasn’t harsher than a mixed-martial arts event. In the olden days, say three years ago, companies would order their new logos and new-and-improved packaging from their design fortresses on high, and the lowly customers below would quietly accept the blobby, 3D-textured versions of once-beloved logos without complaint.

Triumph of the Design Haters: After Facebook and Tropicana, Whose Redesign Is Next to Go?

No more of course, as we’ve seen all too clearly in the last month with Facebook’s reconsideration of its new look his week after a whopping 94% of users gave a thumbs down to the redesign, and Tropicana yanking its new packaging created by the Arnell Group after the primary customer reaction was that their grocery had introduced a generic store-brand O.J. and where was the orange with the straw in it?


Thanks to social media, everyone, from design mavens to cranky consumers, makes up an angry, torch-wielding mob ready to storm the design-firm walls demanding their old logos back. (All I know is that the designers at Wolff Olins, creators of both the infamous New York City blocky identity plastered on the city’s taxis and the even more widely panned London 2012 Olympics logo, are lucky they didn’t roll either of those out in today’s virulent environment. Despite the haters, the anti-movements didn’t actually topple the new designs the way Tropicana and Facebook’s did.)

London 2012 logo

So who’s next to fall before the angry mob? I have three ideas, all of which are being tracked by the branding and identity site Brand New. Who do you think isn’t going to make it? Email us at or leave a comment.

pepsi can
jack in the box

Again, what do you think? Do these branding refreshes need to go? And who should join them? Let us know in the comments or at

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