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Digg Founder Kevin Rose Leaks Shots of Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Digg founder Kevin Rose has leaked pictures of Tesla's first mass-market electric car, the Model S, only hours before a working prototype of the car is set to debut in Los Angeles. The $50,000 car, scheduled for commercial release in 2011, features what appears to be a touchscreen dashboard replacing the central console. Tesla predicts that 20,000 Model S vehicles will be sold each year—a drastic change from the company's roadster, which has thus far had a production run of 250 units.

According to Tesla, the car will combine performance, luxury, and superior battery power. Stay tuned for more information when the car is officially unveiled later today.

Update 3:20 pm ET: Tesla asked Kevin Rose to take his photos down, indicating that the images are in fact real.

[Top image via Motor Trend]

Tesla Model S