Sustainable Design Group Tops 150,000 Members, Adds Forum to Share Ideas


What kind of cardboard is best for compostable packaging? What can we do to encourage consumers to recycle? What kind of testing does the FDA do for materials toxicity? How can I convince my clients that sustainable design can save them money? What does sustainability really mean, anyway? If these are the kinds of questions you’re asking more and more, the new Designers Accord forum is where you need to be to find the answers to all your hot sustainable design questions. Hosted by Core77, the forum hopes to be a place for designers to pick their collective brains for new information on how to design responsibly and share their best sustainable practices.

You’ll remember the Designers Accord–a voluntary pledge by designers to steer clients towards better solutions–was launched in late 2007 by Master of Design Valerie Casey. The first official town hall took place earlier this month (a great report at Core77) for DA representatives in New York. Conversation focused on knowledge sharing and open source projects, two of the movement’s most important concepts.

So far, DA has been amazingly successful at getting the word out: Casey recently told us that she estimates they’re currently up to 150,000 designers and firms that have ratified the Accord, almost 50,000 more than just six months ago.AW