Recreate the Obama White House Vegetable Garden–Online


We learned last week that the Obama’s are working on a 1,100-square-foot White House vegetable garden to be cared for by local fifth graders and the first family. Now web-based vegetable-garden design application Plangarden has released an interactive version of the Obama garden for anyone who can’t make it to Washington for a first-hand look.

The interactive garden recreates everything from stepping stones to round edges on the garden beds and features planting/harvesting dates for the Obama’s planned blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, fennel, spinach, onion, pea, chard, lettuce, and shallot crops. Plangarden anticipates updating garden changes throughout the year.

Though the garden is a noble effort on the part of the President to raise awareness of home gardening, the Plangarden blog questions the usefulness of four beds of spinach, as well as the conspicuous lack of easy-to-grow crops like tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers.

Most of us won’t be able to use the Obama garden as a template–after all, not everyone has 1,100 square feet of extra space–but it’s a helpful guide to planting crops in the D.C. area, even if the garden is producing more spinach than any four-person family could ever hope to consume. I hope state dinner attendees like leafy greens.

[Via Plangarden]AS