• 03.24.09

Los Angeles and Mass Transit? Designers Can Dream

Los Angeles has had dalliances with various mass-transit ideas the way Jennifer Aniston has relationships with other celebrities: They seem perfect until the heartbreak starts.


First place went to Joshua G. Stein, Jacob M. Brostoff, Jaclyn Thomforde, and Aaron Whelton for their concept Más Transit, where regional high-speed rail is added to Los Angeles without
disrupting current roadway congestion using a new raised infrastructure.  


Even though the dreamy train-populated utopias envisioned by the competition’s winners might feel a bit over-ambitious for the car-clogged freeways, Los Angeles is already on track to add two major routes to its existing system: The city’s Gold Line extension to East L.A. will open this summer, and the Expo Line from downtown to Culver City is scheduled to open in 2010.


[Via Architect’s Newspaper: Announcing Winners: A New Infrastructure]

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