The Non-Killer App: Grow a Tree from your iPhone


Environmentally-minded iPhone applications abound, but the iPhorest might just be the first to let you plant a tree without lifting a finger.

After downloading the $4.99 app, the iPhorest lets you go through the virtual act of planting a tree–digging a hole, planting a seedling, and creating rain storms by shaking the phone. After six shakes, the sun appears and a tree pops up. Every time a virtual tree is planted, The Conservation Fund plants a tree along the Gulf Coast. The amount of cash that goes from a single iPhorest purchase to the Conservation Fund varies depending on tree species and plant location, but some of your money goes directly to a brand new seedling. A world map also shows the locations of iPhoresters around the world.

iPhorest was introduced at last month’s TED conference, where application sponsor Ecolife Apparel planted 2,200 trees for conference attendees.

The iPhorest app is reminiscent of The Hunger Site, which pays for a cup of food every time a button is clicked. Many other “click-to-give” sites have popped up since the Hunger Site was founded, including The Rainforest Site, The Literacy Site, and The Animal Rescue Site. But while sites that allow simple acts of giving have become commonplace on the Internet, the iPhorest brings the phenomenon to cell phones, and in turn to our daily lives.

Click here to download the app from the iTunes store.

[Via iPhorest]