iFive: Starbucks, Netflix, News Corp,, and yes, Fast Company in Today’s Innovation News

While you slept, innovation didn’t. Here’s what you missed and need to know.

  1. Notoriously union-averse Starbucks, Costco, and Whole Foods filed their card to reform labor law by creating a  third place on the Employee Free Choice Act, but unions throw the noxious brew back in their face. [via and]
  2. Hollywood finally wakes up and realizes that Netflix may be a cable killer–if not worse. The studios rent How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to figure out a plan, at least to dump Netflix’s stock price. [via WSJ’s Martin Peers via Nikki Finke]
  3. will announce a customer-relationship app for Twitter today. Dell and Comcast have already signed up. In a related story, Frank Eliason, aka @comcastcares, finally gets to sleep. [via Infortmation Week’s]
  4. Meet News Corp’s new TV chief, Tony Vinciquerra, who threatens, “You won’t get any witty banter out of me.” Good. That’s our job. [via LAT’s Meg James]
  5. Our boss, Fast Company editor Robert Safian, is kind of a big deal. [via Adweek’s Barbara Lippert]