Are You a Big Thinker?

  • Do you enjoy challenging ideas?
  • Intrigued by new concepts?
  • Wish you could share these ideas with your friends?

In other words, are you a big thinker?


If so, I’ve got great news for you.

Big Think is here.

Big Think is founded by the producers of Charlie Rose and features short video clips of leading thinkers in business and society.

Just a few of the many thought-leaders you’ll find on Big Think are Richard Branson, Paul Krugman, Jimmy Wales, Moby, Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen.

What’s the concept behind Big Think?

Here’s what “Big Think” says on their About Us page:

“The Idea: In the global digital age, there is a glut of accessible information. And while this information empowers you, the citizen-consumer, the only way to make any sense of it, is to begin an interactive relationship with the global thought leaders who can deliver the best news and analysis on the Web. Welcome to Big Think.”

Welcome to a new age in video.

  • People looking directly at us.
  • Sharing their beliefs.
  • Challenging the status quo.
  • Telling stories.
  • Sharing ideas within a community.

Is this the new wave for how organizations will use video to engage their employees, customers, stakeholders?

What do you think?

  • Are businesses next?
  • Will organizations integrate video stories like these into their communication strategies?
  • If not, what is holding them back?

Would love to hear from you. Share you comments here.

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