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  1. Palm's Not-So-Smart Bet
    When Palm ships its Pre smartphone, will it be too little, too late? Talk to the hand. [via NYT]
  2. Tivo-Proof Advertising
    Stop the ffwd button: Boost Mobile's visually arresting TV spots beat obnoxio product integration. [via Peter Kafka]
  3. Confessions of a Kindle Bore
    Even ink-stained wretches realize that e-readers are going to change books forever—for the better. [via Slate]
  4. Hybrid Owners Really Are Latte-Sipping Democrats
    They're stereotypes because they're true. A new study reveals what conservative talk radio has been telling you for years. [via LAT, via UCLA]
  5. A Sneak Peek at Apple's Netbook?
    Lenovo and Apple play the Duplicity game. Did the notebook maker leak its Pocket Yoga netbook design to take some steam out of an Apple netbook announcement? [via Computerworld]