Can You Launch the Next Big Thing in a Crowded Market?

<em>Someone in a LinkedIn gorup asked, “Is there an opportunity for a startup online business to become a successful brand when there are so many established players?” I think my answer is relevant here.</em>

Think back to 1997. Where did you go for search? Probably Yahoo or AltaVista. Google came in and blew them out of the water *because the user experience was so much better.*

Think about Facebook  jumping from academia to mainstream in the last couple of years, right after Rupert Murdoch spent an enormous fortune to buy MySpace–and made MySpace much less relevant.

Think about Amazon developing the affiliate model, so that any mom-and-pop website could add a bookstore with no work involved–and how that fueled explosive growth.

So the answer is clearly yes, if you have an attractive user experience that’s better than what else is out there.

I’d recommend reading the partnering strategies sections in my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, – it’s far easier to go where there’s already an existing audience than to create your own from scratch.