Online Calculater Analyzes Cost Savings of Switching to Renewable Packaging


It’s hard to evaluate the benefits of switching from corrugated packaging to reusable packaging, besides the obvious sustainability bonus points. But let’s be real—the bottom line is what really matters to most companies, which is why the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has created an online Reusable Packaging Economics Calculator to figure out exactly how much cash you can save by embracing recyclables.

The calculator, developed in cooperation with StopWaste, factors in the cost of corrugated packaging, dwell time (how long containers are left at each stage of the supply chain), annual interest rate, cartons shipped annually, return miles for reusables, and the expected replacement rate. 

The calculator’s interface is a bit daunting for casual visitors, but could prove useful to anyone seriously looking to cut costs. 

Companies curious about the environmental impact of their packaging choices should check out the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) software, scheduled for release on March 23. The $500-$750 software provides information on packaging materials’ aquatic toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, material health, recycled or virgin content, water consumption, and more. 

[Via RPA]