Porsche Goes Solar with Array at California Facility

Porsche Solar Array

Porsche has joined the ranks of solar-supporting companies Ferrari and Toyota by installing its first U.S. solar array at the Porsche Logistics Facility in Ontario, California. The 372-panel array will be one of the largest in the Ontario area, producing 135,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year and cutting carbon emissions by 50,000 pounds annually. No word on what percentage of the logistics facility will be powered by the sun, but 135,000 kWh is a lot of power–enough to light over 100 average homes for a year.

Porsche’s German parent company, Porsche AG, has been paying attention to the environment for years. Porsche AG installed a waste-management recycling system nearly two decades ago, and now constructs cars with 85% recycled materials. But the California solar array marks the beginning of Porsche Cars North America’s foray into sustainability. Next up: a LEED Gold-certified regional support facility in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. 

The most important step for Porsche, of course, is to green its vehicles. Car enthusiasts are waiting on the yet-to-be-released Cayenne SUV–the first hybrid for Porsche–to see if its latest effort passes muster. Porsche promises that the hybrid will reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% compared to the gas-powered Cayenne, and so far test-drive reviews are promising.

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