Dell is the Greenest Brand Says IT Pros


Samsung and Toshiba may be the most sustainable brands for consumer laptop and PC buyers, but Dell wins out with the IT crowd according to a new study from Green Factor. Marketing intelligence firm Strategic Oxygen surveyed over 3,500 CIOs, IT managers, and CXOs in 11 countries to find out what they consider the greenest IT brand out of 26 possible choices.

Dell scored a win among IT leaders, with 30% surveyed agreeing that the brand is tops. Second place went to HP, which received 26% of the IT-ers’ votes. According to Green Factor, IT buyers look for a number of factors in judging a company’s sustainability: products with a “clean” design that are made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, recycling programs, energy-efficient products, green shipping facilities, and green manufacturing centers. Green promotional efforts count too–IT execs also look for companies that promote themselves as green.

So how do IT managers figure out all this sustainability data? Instead of solely relying to interns to do the legwork, they look at online blogs and forums for help.

And indeed, the online world is leading them in the right direction. Dell has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives recently, including wind power at its Oklahoma City campus, a commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions from its facilities 40 percent by 2015, and a convenient, free recycling program.

[Via Green Factor]