CLIF BAR iPhone App Shows Ski Resort Weather Conditions, Eco Efforts


CLIF BAR’s new Save our Snow (SOS) iPhone app may be a little late for ski season, but it’s a handy tool nonetheless. The free application displays snow, temperature, the percentage of lifts open and wind conditions at over 500 North American ski resorts. There’s even a cutesy feature that lets you blow into your iPhone microphone to make the screen virtually ice over.

But what’s most innovative about the app is that it lets you factor sustainability into your decisions about which resorts to patronize. The app displays what individual ski resorts are doing for renewable energy, transportation, waste reduction, and environmental education. The app also highlights resorts that have received a CLIF BAR Golden Eagle Award, which is given annually to ski resorts for exceptional environmental achievement. 

The SOS app is one of dozens of iPhone applications that help users reduce their environmental impact. Some of the most prominent ones include greenMETER, the Carbon Tracker, and now the Locavore app. SOS has one key advantage, though–it’s free.


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