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One side benefit of working with Crisp Wireless for the launch of our new mobile site,, is that we also get to introduce you to It’s a new service that lets you shorten a website URL for sharing on Twitter, Facebook or in an e-mail in a smarter way than before.

Existing URL shorteners such as TinyURL or are platform ignorant. They treat everyone the same whether a person is clicking on your URL from their desktop or a mobile browser. Crisp has developed a way to automatically send the visitor down the optimal viewing path based on whether they are on a mobile device or not. That way, if you’re visiting Fast Company on your mobile phone you’ll go directly to the mobile site, but if you’re reading on your desktop you’ll get the site optimized for a larger screen.

Here’s a primer on how to use

Step 1: Choose an article you want to share, copy the URL and paste it into the “Web URL” box


Step 2: Look on the mobile version of the site for the same article, copy that link and then paste that into the “iPhone URL” AND “mobile URL” boxes (The reason you add the same link twice is that Crisp does device detection too, so it’s a different experience for iPhones and Android vs. other phones.)


Step 3:
Click “Shorten This”

Step 4: Copy the link.


Step 5: Share on Twitter, Facebook, in emails or anywhere you’d like.