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I read today an article in the New York Times titled "Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own".   It discusses the trend among many of todays laid off workers to turn their energies toward starting their own  businesses rather than looking for work.

Quoting from the article "Mark V. Cannice, executive director of the entrepreneurship program at the University of San Francisco, calls the phenomenon "forced entrepreneurship."  "If there is a silver lining, the large-scale downsizing from major companies will release a lot of new entrepreneurial talent and ideas — scientists, engineers, business folks now looking to do other things," Mr. Cannice said. "It’s a Darwinian unleashing of talent into the entrepreneurial ecosystem."

As I said in my previous blog, "The Future Looks Promising" I shared how using The Living Organization Model™ one can predict that the release of a huge amount of potential energy into the pool will invariably without it finding creative ways to again contribute to society.

As with all entrepreneurial efforts many will not make it past the early attempts but those that do will bring to our society new and valuable contributions to our lives.  So it was at the beginning with Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and countless others – all bringing forward ideas and products that transformed our society. 

Yes this is a very difficult period for our society and those who are without employment.  But as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens.  For those who are without work there is a plethora of opportunities to apply their energy, their innate creativity potential, to make a contribution.

Some of those will be the next corporate giant, some will become one of the 3.8 million companies employing less the 10 people who collectively employ over 12% of our workforce, and some will not make it at all.  And even that will make a contribution.  Anyone who swims in the waters of entrepreneurism learns the valuable skills of self sufficiency,  accountability

Norman Wolfe | President/CEO | Quantum Leaders, Inc