• 03.13.09

Marc Newson’s Qantas A380 Interiors Make Us Want to Fly to Australia

The Australian super designer Marc Newson has been busy working for clients at home: First, with a sumptuous first-class lounge for Qantas.


Airplane galleys often give you the feeling that you’re not supposed to be there, looking for a glass of water. Not so with this refreshments case.


A softer palette dominates the bathroom, and the sink has a jutting lip–helping end all the splashy messes in the lavatory.


The in-flight consoles for the flight attendants have an upgraded graphic interface. Easier to use, and probably safer too.


To create more room, the seats themselves utilize a common strategy: The seat backs are thinner, thanks to a new breed of tough, medium density foams, allowing for more room overall.

The economy “premium” class gets this decent-looking entertainment console.


The business class seats fully recline, and they offer a shell-like cocoon around your head, for privacy.


And finally, the first-class lounges. And lounge is really the only word for it. Each one is a cubby-like cubicle with a seat where your minions can hold court. There is also a media center available via a touch screen, and plenty of workspace and drawers so that you can readily pour over the shaky balance sheets you brokers are trying to shore up with bailout money… before you dip into your lobster tails.


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