Foster + Partners Building Sustainable Twin Skyscrapers in Paris


Mixed-use buildings are becoming increasingly popular, and now famed architecture firm Foster + Partners is tossing its hat into the ring with the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe.

Hermitage Plaza will consist of the two 1,060-foot high buildings and a public piazza running to the River Seine. The towers will house everything from a hotel and spa to apartments and offices. Shops will be built at the base of the structures. 

Foster + Partners hope to achieve an BREEAM “excellent” rating — comparable to a high LEED rating–with help from the towers’ glazed facade panels that catch light throughout the day and promote self-shading. Vents can also be opened to bring fresh air inside. And of course, mixed-use, high-density buildings always deserve kudos for minimizing transportation needs by providing multiple services in one place. As a recent Green Inc. post speculated, maybe skyscrapers really are the most sustainable buildings around.

[Via Inhabitat]