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The Community That Hughes Built

Volunteers flooded — MyBO, to insiders — from the day it launched, nearly crashing the site. Under Hughes, it became a virtual system for helping real people do what they wanted to do in real life: elect Barack Obama president.

Rapid Response Pasadena,CA

The founder of Pasadena for Obama, Lonnee Hamilton fought negative media coverage of Obama with fact-checked posts from MyBO.

Leveraging the Base Chandler, AZ

Former Republican and call-team leader Barbara Sesate contacted more than 2,500 people, mostly through the site's Neighbor-to-Neighbor tool.

Educating the Pros Dallas, TX

After consulting other activists he found on MyBO, Tracy Brady designed a more efficient vetting process for volunteers traveling to other states to canvass for Obama.

A Customized Campaign Loudoun County, VA

Marcia Carlyn helped build Loudoun County for Obama from 5 members to 2,600, relying on MyBO for advice and materials that suited her conservative neighbors.

MyBo Moderator Burlington, VT

Neil Jensen used his experience as a blogger and webmaster to educate volunteers across the country about setting up events and raising money.

Dealing with Division Knox County, OH

In a rural area where Democrats leaned toward Clinton, Meg Galipault and the Obama supporters she brought together learned to listen rather than lecture.

By the time the campaign was over, volunteers had used to:

—Create more than 2 million profiles

—Plan 200,000 real-world events

—Form 35,000 volunteer groups

—Post 400,000 blogs

—Raise $30 million on 70,000 people's own fund-raising pages

A version of this article appeared in the April 2009 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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