Palm and Sprint Hold Pointless Event for Pre: No New Details Surface

Other than patting its own back for its technological prowess and capabilities related to launching Palm’s Pre, a press event from Sprint today, demoing the device, served little purpose. Well, at least not the purpose we hoped it would.

After releasing a video of its much-anticipated Palm Pre smartphone from the CES event in January, Palm’s new OS received a lot of buzz from the tech press and blogosphere. But now it’s mid-March, and everyone is waiting for additional details. Isn’t it about time? Shouldn’t we at least know the Pre’s price and release date by now?

But after today’s event, we are none the wiser. From the beginning it was announced that no release date or pricing info would be revealed. Then why would Palm and Sprint even hold an event? Was it merely to tease tech journalists? The Palm has been shown on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for cryin’ out loud. Enough with the teasing! People want details; they want an alternative to Apple and AT&T. 

And what new info actually came out today? Sprint’s rep, David Owen, says that not all of Sprint’s calling plans would be compatible with the Pre. Meanwhile, Palm’s lead for Pre, Matt Crowley, says there will be an application store. Other than those details, it was another demo that didn’t show anything we hadn’t already seen at the CES presentation.

If Palm is going to compete with Apple, then it needs to keep people excited. The company definitely failed to do that today.