The Top 10 Global Warming Skeptics


What do Northern Ireland’s environmental minister, the president of the Czech Republic, and Sarah Palin all have in common? They’re climate crisis deniers, of course!

In the spirit of the Heartland Institute’s 2009 International Conference on Climate Change that wraps up today in New York, The Guardian‘s George Monbiot decided to shine the spotlight on the “Top 10 Climate Change Deniers.” For those not familiar with the “climate crisis” conference, let me first clear up that it’s not exactly a problem-solving confab. Instead, it’s a gathering of 600 scientists, academics, and politicians calling the universal bluff on man-induced global warming. According to the MIT professor who keynoted the event, the rest of us are part of the “climate alarm movement”. Watch out! I bet Exxon, which in years past helped sponsor the event, is grateful it refrained from this year’s theme: “Global warming: Was it ever a crisis?”

Make sure to guzzle some gas, blast all your lights on, and burn some coal while you enjoy Monbiot’s list:

1. Sammy Wilson Northern Ireland environmental minister
2. Vaclav Claus President of Czech Republic
3. Steve Milloy Fox News Columnist
4. Professor Pat Michaels Cato Institute
5. Christopher Monckton Former Advisor to Margaret Thatcher
6. Sarah Palin Governnor of Alaska
7. James Inhofe Senator of Oklahoma
8. Melanie Phillips Daily Mail Columnist
9. Christopher Booker Sunday Telegraph Columnist
10 David Bellamy TV Presenter