iPura: The World’s First Food Safety Brand


It’s getting pretty hard to ignore the numerous recalls that plagued the food industry recently–peanut butter, alfalfa sprouts, pancake mix, and even elk tenderloin. So it’s no surprise that the world’s first food safety company has emerged. iPura won’t save you from diseased elk tenderloin–it only deals with seafood products at the moment–but it will make sure that your salmon dinner doesn’t make you puke.

Much of our food comes from foreign suppliers that don’t use the safety procedures necessary to ensure disease-free products. Combined with the growing trend of organic foods that can hasten the development of resistant bacterial strains, we have a problem.

And that’s where iPura comes in: suppliers that want the iPura seal of approval on their fish can elect to have the company perform on-site inspections with the help of a safety team that includes operators, technicians, microbiologists and sanitation workers. That’s enough to make even the most paranoid fish-lover feel safe. 

The first products to receive the iPura seal will include tilapia, salmon, and catfish. Soon after, iPura will begin inspecting poultry, meat, and produce. Keep your eyes peeled for iPura products later this month after the company debuts at the Boston Seafood Show.

[Via PRWeb]