Report: Solar, Wind Jobs Aplenty by 2010


Don’t despair too much about the current economic crisis. Hope is just around the corner, according to Clean Edge’s Clean Energy Trends 2009 report. While the short-term outlook for jobs is grim (surprise!), jobs in solar and wind will jump from 600,000 today to 2.65 million by 2018–all thanks to what will become a $325 billion industry in the next ten years.

But before the golden age of renewable energy can begin, we’ll have to endure a year of flat or declining growth. 2009 will see solar and wind projects canceled and absorbed by large competitors–and not even Obama’s $11 billion smart grid project and $20 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy can stop it.

In the meantime, though, keep all eyes on the renewable energy sector–Clean Edge believes it might just be the thing to “help economies around the world pull out of the current economic malaise.”

[Via Greentech Media]

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