Green Collar Van Jones Officially Joins Obama Team


If Obama had a long lost environmental brother, he’d be Van Jones. Born of the same oratorical cloth, Van “green collar” Jones, who we first profiled last April, today was just named by the Obama administration as the special adviser on green jobs. When I saw Jones speak last November at Greenbuild, it’s no wonder he was deliriously giddy over the Obama win. There were the obvious reasons–like a President who gets environmental issues–but he certainly had an inkling his own green job was about to be elevated. Now Jones–who “flaunts the looks of Denzel Washington, the poetics of Obama, and the comedic timing of Chris Rock”–is officially charged with divvying up his share of the stimulus package to create jobs this country is desperate for. Now’s his moment to move beyond inspirational rhetoric, and prove that he actually knows how to make things happen.

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