Zenith Lures Consumers to its Digital TV Converter Box with Energy Efficiency Claims


With less than 100 days left before the dreaded Digital TV Transition, Americans–including myself–are scrambling to cash in government DTV coupons for conversion boxes. Many of us are just looking for a cheap model that can get the job done, but Zenith has figured out a clever way to advertise its DT901 Digital TV Tuner Converter Box: sing the praises of its energy efficiency.

‘The US Commerce Department claims that the DT901 “consumes less energy in ‘on mode” than any other converter eligible for the $40 federal government discount coupons.” The converter also reportedly goes above and beyond the guidelines of the Energy Star program, using only 3.9 watts in on mode and 0.6 watts in sleep mode. A quick look at the Energy Star list of qualifying converters shows that the Zenith model is in fact tied for the top energy efficiency spot with the Insignia NS-DXA1-AP–and according to a CNET review, the two models are virtually identical.

Will the Zenith’s energy efficiency be the nudge shoppers need to single it out for purchase? Maybe. But with LCD and plasma TVs typically using 150 to 300 watts, comparison shopping for a TV set makes more sense than worrying about a converter.

[Via PR Newswire]